Wheeler on the Bay
US Highway 101
580 Marine Drive
Wheeler, OR 97147

Local (503) 368-5858
(800) 469-3204

Crabs anyone?


Imagine catching a Dungeness crab more than 10 inches wide! It’s been known to happen in Nehalem Bay, where we enjoy some of the best crabbing on the Oregon Coast. While fall is the best time for catching the fattest crabs, there are plenty of crabbing opportunities year round and it is a great way to spend time with the whole family.

Our staff is readily available to make sure your crabbing experience is one that’s not to be forgotten. We can connect you to the area’s most respected and skilled fishermen, so even if you’ve never crabbed a day in your life you’ll have a fantastic crabbing experience. And of course, you can always rent a boat next door at the Wheeler Marina or head downstream to Kelly’s Brighten Marina for a fun crabbing adventure.

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