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Test your hand at kayaking


By far the most rewarding way to enjoy Nehalem Bay is seated inside a kayak as it glides peacefully atop the water. Kayaking Nehalem Bay is a treat for all skill levels; the bay offers some of the calmest waters on the coast, so if you’ve never set foot in a kayak before this is a great place to start. With more than 100 miles of water to explore you’ll never run out of dense forests, green pastures and picturesque landscapes to explore.

Underneath you the Nehalem Bay estuary is alive with all kinds of creatures including crabs, oysters and many types of sea plants. Below the cool, transparent waters you will see Chinook Salmon, Steelhead Trout, and Sturgeon swim pass you undisturbed. Above you a sea of birds migrate on the wind, including Bald Eagles and Blue Herons.

Kayaking is the perfect way to enjoy these creatures up close without disturbing their habitat, and our private dock is the best vantage point for launching your kayak. But don’t worry if you didn’t bring your own, because we have kayaks to rent for all our guests.

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